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Watch this space to meet your fellow team mates and learn more about why they are committed to raising funds for Multiple Myeloma Research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  If you are interested in sharing your story please contact us at runorwalk@thepmcf.ca

Reeves and Lina

Until August 2012, when Mac was diagnosed with MM, we had never heard of this illness.  Mac used to have a beautiful voice - some have said "the voice of an angel."  Today, Mac's voice barely rises above a whisper.  Doctors suspect his larynx was affected by MM, or some of the procedures and drugs used to treat it.  Yet, it's these same drugs, including one that became available just a few months after Mac was diagnosed, that have saved his life.  For now.  

There is no cure for MM, and without the funds to continue the excellent research being conducted todat at Princess Margaret, we may not see a cure in our lifetime.  I choose to be part of this team because of all the families, like ours, who are deeply affected by this disease.  I also want to hear my husband sing to me again.

Read more about Reeves and Lina here:


George Opreff

You may have already met George, as his gregarious and enthusiastic nature makes friends wherever he goes, including at the Cancer Centre.  

"Multiple Myeloma took a lot out of me," he says.  "It's not a club we wanted to join, but here we are.  Fundraising for the research is a way to give back and focus on something other than how the disease is affecting me.  You know what?  Everyone is affected by cancer in one way or another."

George's advice?  "Don't be afraid to send a message to all your contacts.  Be concise about why it's important.  We are a small group, but together our resurlts are big."

See George's page here


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